Dec 23, 2015


  • Nothing new this release


  • Property Performance
    • Changed to not display delta values for future dates
    • Reformat cells 
  • Bar Rules
    • Notify user when leaving screen when unsaved changes exist
    • Limit lead time to 3 digits
    • Removal of Price Point Separator
    • Reformat cells
  • Performance Summary
    • mobile changes to support previous/next
  • Property Search
    • Modified to no longer require brand prefix
    • Modified to not return inactive properties or portfolios
  • Interfaces
    • Misc improvements to real time transaction interface to support 'unexpected' data
    • Enhancements to support group oversell
    • Added 'smart' defaults for new property on-boarding
  • Aligned calculation of current sellable rate across all screens
  • Misc bug fixes
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